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    Thanks so much for visiting Amanda K Photography! I am a children and family photographer in the Waco area. That's me over there with my sweet little family! I hope you enjoy what you see here, and I hope to hear from you very soon!

A Bit of a Personal Post ~ Brenham TX Origami Owl Designer

Around Thanksgiving I made a decision to start another business venture. I’ve never really had an interest in selling anything like Mary Kay or Tupperware or…whatever else is out there. I just didn’t have the desire to get into that. However, one day while browsing Yahoo! News page, I noticed an article on the creator of Origami Owl, 17 year old Bella Weems. Bella told her parents she wanted a car when she turned 16 and her parents told her she was going to have to work for it! So at 14, she began to start her own locket company. In just 3 years it turned into a multimillion dollar company. That is just insane to me! I was so impressed by the company’s overall look that I decided to look into being a designer myself.

There are some great products. From the many different sizes of lockets to the tons of elements you can add to your necklace, you really are able to create a locket that is so customizable people will stop you in public to ask you about it. Here are some necklaces I designed for Valentine’s Day:

If you are interested in being a designer or hosting a party (jewelry bar), feel free to email me at Jewelry Bars are lots of fun and they get you free stuff!! And everybody loves free stuff:)

The Bradford Family – Brenham Family Photographer

I actually got to travel to Austin to meet with the Bradford family. Austin sessions work out well because that is where my in-laws live. So not only did we get to visit my husbands family, I got to meet this sweet family! In spite of getting turned around a couple SEVERAL times trying to get to this neat location, which was a little piece of country in the city, we had a great session and got some great shots!

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Mommy and Me ~ Brenham Texas Family Photography

I had the most beautiful Mommy  and Me session over Thanksgiving week… I did Melissa’s Maternity session and a family session when little B was born so I was more than happy when she asked me to do a Fall session with just the two of them. I had to keep reminding myself that B is 2 because she looks and talks as though she’s much older! She wasn’t too impressed with me and my camera because her mommy is a great photographer herself, so she already knows all the tricks and was totally immune to my “hey do you see a puppy in my camera lens” tactics! Her main concerns were the scary “cow” and Swiper swiping her book! Oh how I love toddlers! I love the interaction between these two. So precious and it really strikes a chord in me because I have a baby girl and can’t wait until we can do a Mommy and Me session together:)

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Sabrina ~ Brenham Texas Portrait Photography

This sweet young lady is a long way from her home in Pennsylvania. To show her family where she works, a B&B/restaurant in the area, she wanted to do a session and use the photos on her Christmas cards. This place is beautiful and has endless backdrops. We had so much fun even though at one point we thought we were gonna get eaten by coyotes (that is the most eerie sound ever!!) and attacked by a beaver… we survived obviously, and it made for some laughs:)